[How to roast raw eggs with shells]_ delicious practice _ practice Daquan

I usually eat special snacks outside, and everyone also likes to make them at home, but because the materials are not prepared or the method is not correct, the result is unsuccessful. The method of baking eggs includes many types. The first is to makeThe temperature, as well as the continuous rolling during the production process, can control the most uniform baking method.

The method of making is to boil and peel the eggs first (you need to master the heat, otherwise it will be cooked). If you cook for a long time, the eggs will be cooked and the roasted eggs will completely lose their proper taste. If the time is too short, the skinThe hardness is not enough, then the eggs will be roasted again. It is best to control the cooking time to about three to four minutes. It is best to keep the egg yolk in a thick state.

Add seasoning (salting, salt, monosodium glutamate, peppercorn skin, aniseed, etc.), add 8-25 grams of salt, 500 grams of peppercorn skin, aniseed 0 per 500 grams of peeled eggs and ingredients.

5-1 grams.

Place the eggs in a ceramic, enamel or stainless steel baking dish, and place them in an electric oven. Once heated to 200 ° C-260 ° C, bake for 4-5 minutes, then naturally cool down. After the temperature drops to 100 ° C, heat to 150 ° C.-220 ° C, bake for 45-60 minutes, complete the whole process.

The taste and flavor of roasted eggs fundamentally solve the problems of brittle, breakable, and twist-free eggs, and bring the golden color of the eggs. They have made major breakthroughs in color, flavor, flavor, and shape.

While maintaining the original flavor of the eggs and replacing them with scrambled, fried, fried, fried, etc., the quality is comprehensively improved. Through the precise adjustment of the baking temperature and time, excess water is reduced, the tissue form is changed, and cooked ready-to-eat,Multiple purposes for taste improvement and versatility.

The finished egg of the roasted egg is tough, the egg yolk is soft, soft and crisp, and the chewing is not too greasy. The more chewing, the more fragrant, cut out the egg yolk, and the egg white is cut.The soup, paste, and sauce are all delicious and delicious.

It has broad-spectrum characteristics and great promotion value.

(1) The shape of the egg is complete, the color of the egg shell does not change, and the egg shell does not crack.

Egg white is more flexible, and the yolks are soft and not hard; (2) The shelf life of naked eggs is more than 40 days, and it is more stored and sold, and the health of baked eggs is good; (3) The cholesterol of baked products is 30% less than ordinary eggs.

While other nutrients are not reduced, it is more suitable for middle-aged and elderly people. (4) The egg white is brown or golden brown after peeling the shell, and the color is attractive. (5) The processing of baked eggs is simple, and the temperature and time of baked eggs are easy to grasp.You can also roast quail eggs, duck eggs and other egg products.