[My first orgasm was “Clit Orgasm”]

Poke my pelvis on the pillow and it will reach.

I grew up slowly, and I have more and more experience with masturbation.

I understand how to achieve the same goal with my fingers.

My orgasm is incredible: the nervous system explodes like an unbearable, accompanied by the rhythmic contraction of the “lower body” muscles, as if someone is squeezing and gripping.

I’m not a squirting woman.

However, muscle contraction is so powerful.

I was often surprised to find out that I didn’t eject some kind of liquid.

That feeling, the cumshot feeling I imagine must be that way.

My orgasm lasted unusually long: 30 or even 60 seconds.

By comparison, the “average” duration of orgasm is 15 seconds.

I have to rest between these climaxes, just like a boy.

In a day, I can only get so few.

Remember, I had five orgasms a day.

In addition, to a certain extent, I also have to overcome sexual arousal to achieve orgasm.