Dispel melancholy haze in the workplace

In the afternoon of December, after a few days of temperature on the slide, Taipei has entered the cold winter, but the sunlight outside the window is extremely bright and dazzling. I sit in the seat beside the floor window of the coffee shop and watch the passersby scattered outside the window.Because it is close to the residential area, business people who come and go are rarely seen.

  There are three women next door. They talk about the personnel battles in the office from time to time, and how the officers use their privileges to gain benefits, but they also bully their subordinates. When they are excited, they will shoot at the table and scold them; it is not long before the conversation turns, the topicIt becomes a family.

  Perplexed. Two women are talking about how to run at both ends of the family and the company. Because of children and in-laws, they need to take leave from the company. They have to rush back to pick up the children after work every day. But they have trouble sleeping at night due to headaches.; Husband always takes work and work as a reason, do not like to do housework, just go home to watch TV, teaching children to write homework is no more intentional than answering the call of the boss; apart from asking and answering between husband and wife, there is no other personalityContent, these questions and answers are renewed regularly every day.

  Another woman joined the topic and said that although she did n’t have to work hard, she did n’t have a good time there, because her husband always thought that she stayed at home all day, and the housework was supposed to be well-organized, not to be a little strange, and more confident to not do housework.
Even if there are more things, my wife can do it tomorrow, and he will never be able to do it, and every time I have to reach out and get money, it is unpleasant. She said, “The kind of helplessness and whispering, others will not understandof”.

  In the end they shared the fact that they were “destined” or “already” suffering from depression.

  Are you a candidate for depression?

  The proper term for “depression” has come down from the medical and social editions of newspapers over the past few years, slowly appearing around us, relatives and friends.

Recently, a well-known psychiatrist also chose to burn charcoal to end his life because of depression. He was suicidal. The news suffered frustration. Ordinarily, if you and I are facing such heavy pressures, what resistance is there?

If the three women in the coffee shop, whether they are housewives or working women, are candidates for depression (or already winners), wouldn’t they get married?

Would you like to work?

There doesn’t seem to be much difference.

  ”Why does it seem that girls are more prone to depression?

“A psychiatrist said, first, most women are inherently more emotionally sensitive. When social conditions change, external requirements and internal needs often conflict. If they cannot be adjusted or properly relieved,Emotional hypertension or psychological problems may occur; secondly, it is also because women are more likely to confide in others, and are willing to face their wounds and seek treatment, they also think that women have more psychological damage.

  Professional women are prone to unhappiness. In the early years, Taiwan also set off a wave of female autonomy, but in fact, it seems that society’s expectations of women’s “traditional roles” have not diminished slightly, nor have they given too much assistance in this regard.

  In the first two weeks, I went to China to talk to the public. I had the opportunity to meet the producer and host of a female program on CCTV, Zhang Yue. Her program Qiba personally visited and introduced outstanding or special women in various fields and discussed women’s topics.And related activities.

She asked me, “Is there anything in Taiwan that specifically talks about women’s two-year TV shows?

“I tilted my head to think about it, and frowned, and answered,” It doesn’t seem to be. “” If there is, there are barely a lot of shopping, popular, consumer programs, or serials directed at female audiences. ”

Such an answer made me guilty.

  It’s the past two years that I feel depressed in the workplace. I have three female friends who have suffered depression from time to time. I must seek the professional assistance of a doctor to live a real life. Some of them are out of the haze and some are still fighting depression.; Their common point is that they are very outstanding women in the workplace. Sometimes their ambition and achievements, you almost forget their female identity.

  The first one is suffering from depression because of her affair, the second is because of her own encounter, and the third is after divorce, extremely insecure, everything is normal during the day, talking, laughing, and concentratingSprint work, but at night it is difficult to deal with myself, often can not swallow, tears for no reason, can not fall asleep, had to see a psychiatrist.

  The price of women changing the battlefield Many women in the workplace usually seem to be independent and arrogant on all sides, but sometimes they sometimes look around from time to time in the face of life dilemmas.The problem, the problem may really be, they actually care, but they must pretend not to care. Women in different eras, different battlefields, but the same hardship, what is the alternation?

Change your apron to a narrow skirt?

Replace the spatula with a laser pointer for the presentation?

  What if the theme of this warning was changed to “workplace”?

It also seems difficult for us to escape this fate, and sometimes we see the shortcomings of women, which inevitably creates a sense of chauvinism, and does not mean that it means thinking, which leads to a better life for men, at least those who have an affair or a wife having an affair., Or signed a divorce, or men who are unwilling in the workplace, life is not much better.

  Yes, there is no ebb in life. Only when we are at the lowest point, our eyes need to look upwards. When the clouds spread, the sun will be impartial and sprinkle on our eyes.