[How to make almond flakes and cheese bread]_Home made almond flakes and cheese bread_How to make almond flakes and cheese bread_How to make almond flakes and cheese bread

In order to survive, we must work hard every day.

The consequence of struggle is to have a good body, and good body needs nutrition to maintain.

So where does this nutrition come from?

Diet, of course.

Therefore, from now on, please follow the editor to learn about the recipe of almond flakes cheese bread, I believe it will definitely be good for you.


After kneading at 12121 for 30 minutes, the dough is slightly smooth. Add the paste and restart sweet dough program 2.

21212 Put all bread ingredients except butter into the toaster and start sweet dough program 3.

Knead the dough into a dough that can be pulled out with a slightly transparent film.

(When the program is started for the second time, the top cover of the bread machine needs to be opened) 4.

Cover with plastic wrap and ferment for 60-80 minutes.

(At this time, you can make almond fillings, see the end of the text) 5.

Remove the dough and spheronize and relax for 15 minutes6.

Roll out a square 7 with a width of 25 cm.

After turning the dough sheet, apply about 10 grams of melted paste 8.

Spread the filling evenly and flatten it gently.

1 cut into 6 equal 10 pieces.

2rolled into a cylinder 11.

Cut each piece of dough from 1/2 of the surface to the bottom, and flip it open vertically with the inside facing up 12.

Put it in a baking dish, cover with plastic wrap and ferment for 30 minutes.

After brushing the egg liquid, preheat the oven, 175 degrees, 18-20 minutes13.

The practice of filling almond slices 14.

Take 15 pieces of almonds.

Tiled on a baking sheet 16.

Fire at 120 degrees for 10-15 minutes.

(I didn’t warm up) 17.

Allows to crumb up when allowed to cool.

The pressure to join the fine sugar man is very high, so when he is tired for a day, when he returns home and sees that you have made the almond chip cheese bread he loves, he will definitely be moved, and his positive energy will be improvedof.