[How to make butterless pork floss bread]_Home made butterless pork floss bread_How to make butterless pork floss bread_How to make butterless pork floss bread

The so-called people rely on food as their diet. If their diet is unhealthy, people ‘s bodies are prone to problems. We usually point out that it is very simple to ensure a healthy diet and a balanced nutrition. Fat-free pork floss bread is also very common in our lives.Cheap, is a regular at the table of many families.

1. Prepare the main ingredients 2. Sift the flour into a stainless steel bowl 3. Stir the fine sugar and yeast with warm water evenly. Stir well and set aside, (see the oil because I have a little food on my scoop to ignore), Then stir the oil and salt together and heat it even better. 6. Pour the yeast water slowly into the flour one by one and then pour three or four into one. It becomes a flocculent 8. Keep pressing it for about 15 minutes.Salt oil is added in portions while pressing and kneading while adding 9 and then pressing and kneading for 15 minutes to start fermentation. Cover with plastic wrap 10 and ferment for more than 2 hours on cold days.

Fermentation is the original two, you can 11, then exhaust and knead into strips 12, cut into pieces according to your own oven or preferences to cut into your favorite size 13, auxiliary materials: to prepare shallots, meat floss, egg liquid 14, roll intoRound cake 15, put pork floss 16, put some chives, put 17 as you like, wrap 18, gently knead the ball, press it into a flat cake shape 19, and cover for 15 minutes before adding to the ovenFresh-keeping film 20, picture of egg liquid 21, 22 with scallion garnish, sprinkle with sesame seeds for garnish, optional, you can put it in the oven for a total of 18 minutes to complete the test.

23. The oven at home is relatively small and cannot adjust the temperature, so it will not be baked evenly, but the taste is the same and it is delicious. 24, take it out and let it cool down!

It can be eaten. Eating out may not ensure the hygiene of the food, so you can eat it with confidence. The method of non-minced meat floss bread is simple and healthy.