Chinese medicine whitening and hydrating recipe for old grandmother

Introduction: Nowadays, people are advocating nature, advocating green ideas, and want to be in close contact with nature.

With its strength accumulated over 5,000 years, Chinese traditional medicine has increasingly shown its unique charm in skin care and beauty.

  Traditional Chinese medicine beauty has a long history.

Because the materials used in beauty of traditional Chinese medicine are mainly derived from animals and plants and natural minerals, especially commonly used foods, they have little toxic and side effects on the human body, so they have been admired by ancient and modern Chinese and foreign beauty lovers.

According to relevant experts, it has been thousands of years of long-term excavation and application of Chinese herbal medicine for beauty.

At present, many cosmetic Chinese medicines have been proved to have good effects by modern medicine.

For example: Ginkgo biloba can counteract the generation of free radicals, improve skin microcirculation, prevent skin from drying out, and make skin pink and white.

Astragalus because it contains a variety of amino acids, betaine, folic acid, alkaloids and trace elements necessary for the human body, it has the effect of improving skin nutrition, nourishing qi and moisturizing.

Angelica sinensis has soothing and softening effects, can also prevent white hair and inhibit melanin growth, and eliminate pigmented skin diseases.

Angelica gravel has bactericidal, whitening and moisturizing effects; ginseng can be used for beauty, anti-wrinkle and skin, and delay aging.

Chinese women also have a long tradition of using ginseng, Ganoderma lucidum, Poria, Chinese angelica, pearls, and other Chinese herbs for beauty and beauty.

  Qibai Ointment-Whitening and Moisturizing Recipes Many ancient Chinese medicine formulas have been spread in ancient courts and folks.

Through the inheritance and improvement of modern Chinese medicine, many natural and effective Chinese medicine skin care products have been developed.

This “grandma” is an old Chinese medicine practitioner who has been practicing medicine for 60 years. Because of her interest, she has been engaged in the research of traditional Chinese medicine beauty while treating patients and saving people.Baicaotang.

Gradually passed down by people’s word of mouth and developed.

  The ancient prescription “Seven White Paste” can be traced back to the “Taiping Shenghui Fang” in the Song Dynasty.

It was also included in the “Yu Yao Yuan Fang” in the Yuan Dynasty.

The name of this prescription is due to the fact that the names of the seven traditional Chinese medicines in the prescription are “white”.

It can be used for a long time to condition the skin under pressure and cover blemishes and other effects. It is a beauty product for ancient women.

  Grandma’s set of seven white creams has been greatly improved compared to the ancient prescription, and there are already dozens of compatible medicinal materials.

  Qibai cream mask: 楮 食, 皮皮 仁, 奈奈 子, 白 芨, 甘松, Mung bean, ginseng, Honeysuckle.

Husband root.

Pearl powder.


Ganoderma and other more than 70 valuable Chinese medicines are formulated.

  Effect: Whitening.


Collect pores, hydrate, wrinkle, lead, mercury, and toxins.

Supernatural whitening and other magical effects.

  The mask is dark brown, with strong Chinese medicine taste, and it is very firm when applied. After washing it off, the skin is fair and delicate, and it can be used for a long time to remove black and yellow, light spots, wrinkles, and eliminate skin toxins.

  Whitening moisturizing serum for people.


Pearl powder, angelica and other effects: whitening.



Go to India.

Fine skin.

The effect of shrinking pores and moisturizing is very good. After use, the skin is translucent, tender, white, and soft to the touch. If used at night, the second weather will be very good, and it can be used to whiten and lighten skin.