White Tiger Soup for Typhoid Fever

[组成]石膏一斤,碎(30g) 知母六两(9g) 甘草二两,炙(3g) 粳米六合(9g)  [用法]上四味,以水一斗,煮米熟汤成,去Alas, one serving of warm clothing, three servings of daily clothing.

  [Function]Qingre Shengjin.

  [原书主治]  (1)伤寒,脉浮滑,以表有热,里有寒,白虎汤主之(《伤寒论?Identifying and Treating Sun Diseases “.

  (2) Sanyang is ill, he is full of body weight, difficult to turn to the side, unkind, tartar, slang enuresis . If the person sweats, Baihu Tangzhuzhi (“Treatise on Febrile Disease?

Distinguishing Yangming Pulse and Treating It “).

  (3) typhoid fever, those with slippery pulses, and fever, there is heat in it, Baihu Tangzhuzhi (“Typhoid fever?

Identification of Jue Yin disease pulse syndrome and treatment “).

  [Indications]Yangming Qi Fen Sheng.

The hot face is red, the thirst is induced by drinking, the sweat is hot, the pulse is strong, or the number is slippery.

  [Fang Jie]The original book pointed out that one of the causes of the Fang Zheng was a loss of form, or impervious sweat, and depression and heat.

For example, “When the sun first fell ill, it sweated, and the sweat did not come out first. Because it was transferred to Yangming, it continued to sweat from microsweat, not cold” (“Treatise on Febrile Diseases?”

Identifying and Treating Sun Diseases “.

  The second is that the evil heat is inside, and the fluid is leaked for the heat. For example, “Yangming disease, what is the foreign evidence?”

The answer is: body heat comes out of sweat, not cold, but also against cold “(” Treatise on Febrile Disease? ”

Distinguishing Yangming’s Disease and Treating It “).

  According to the above etiology and pathogenesis, I have seen the following characteristics in the indications in the original book: First, the evil heat is internal, but the strong heat is not cold, and the pulse is large or slippery or slippery.

  The second is that when heat is pushed out, sweat will come out.

  The third is heat injury fluid, so I drink thirst.

  The fourth is that the heat and depression are not reached, and the current Yangming is very hot, and the true heat and false cold syndrome with slippery limbs.

  Fifth, the combination of Eryang, focusing on Yangming’s heat potential, fluid loss, mainly as Yangming’s fever syndrome, accompanied by abdominal fullness, unkindness, tartar, slang, enuresis, spontaneous sweating, etc.What Resheng sees is really different from Yangmingli.

  This formula is used dialectically in later doctrines of oncology: for example, “Shangjiao Taiyin temperature disease, pulse flooding, yellow tongue, very thirsty, sweating, face redness, heat fever, Xinliang heavy agent, Baihu decoction (What is the disease?

“Vol. 1”) “,” Shang Jiao Shu Wen, which looks like typhoid, but has a large number of pulses, but the left pulse is smaller than that, and has thirst, red cheeks, sweating, called summer temperature, too Yin in hand,”Bai Hu Tang Zhu Zhi”

Volume 1).

Zhongjiao Yangming disease “has no sweat after flooding, the pulse is flooding, Baihu Tangzhuzhi” (“Distinguishing Wen Diao?

Volume II).

The pathogenesis of the use of Baihu Decoction in Oncology is still derived from “Treatise on Febrile Diseases”, except that Yangming Qi is hot and hot, and the surface is steamed and burned.

Use this one to clear evil heat in Qingyang Ming, and one to nourish Yin Yin.

  In short, since the card’s evidence is not in the table, it should not be sweaty; although it is hot and hot, it is not yet constipated, so it is not appropriate to attack it.

According to the question

“True to talk about the” Treat of the Cold “principle of treatment, should be used in the Qing Qingli products.

However, due to the heat Shengjin, if you use bitter cold to fold straight, you may be afraid of injury and dryness, and hurt their yin.

As Ke Qin puts it, “The soil is dry and hot, and it can’t be cured by bitter cold.

Jing said: Gan enters the spleen first.

He also said: Take the diarrhea, . thought that the product of sweet cold is diarrhea and stomach fire, and Shengjin liquid is also the agent “(” Typhoid Come to Su Ji “).

Therefore, in view of the intangible cult heat permeating, heat and injury, should be nourished with Gan Han, clearing the heat and living legislation and ruled it.

  The gypsum in the square is the king. It takes the Xingan great cold, Xin can penetrate the heat, and the cold can overcome the heat, so it can relieve the heat of the skin externally, clear the fire of the lungs and stomach, and the combination of the cold and the cold, but also eliminate the troubles and quench thirstIt can be said that they serve three purposes.

For example, Zhang Xichun believes that gypsum: “The power of cold and cold is far worse than that of gentian, timorium, cork, and other medicines, and its antipyretic effect is far better than that of various medicines .And the heat of gypsum goes out by heat.After the gypsum is decocted in this way, the inner heat can be exuded from the pores “(” Medical Hearts “).

With the bitter cold of Zhimu to clear the heat and relieve fire, and to moisten the yin and yin, use licorice to protect the stomach and rice from the previous rice, which can be used to protect the coldness of the spleen and stomach.

Compatibility of various medicines, a total of Qingre Shengjin, thirst quenching and annoying agent, transforming heat and clearing anxiety, Jinsheng thirst, self-explanation caused by evil heat and internal prosperity.

  This party does not need bitter cold to fold directly to relieve fire. It is because the heat is cold and the yin is not enough. It is necessary to use bitter cold to fold straight to inevitably dry and yin. It is not necessary to capture the bitter cold because the heat is not strong, butTake the bitter cold as early as possible to attack the place where there is no injury or disease, so use the clear li to remove the heat, the bitter cold will break straight, and the bitter cold will be unsuitable.